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Baku-Rider WIP 4 – Finished wings

I think that’s me finished with the wings now. Basically I painted two different feathers and copy-pasted them, scaled and skewed them around until I had a set of wings, I kept the rough wings I had done before as a background for them. Then painted over the top to break them up a bit here and there. I also tweaked the contrast and brightness to pull them down in levels a bit, and pulled a few of the tips up with a rough custom dodge brush. I think they’re working now, what do you reckon? I also did a bit of final work to his face one of his eyes was bothering me, it looked a bit off with the other one, and his face just looked generally messy around the eyes, there was too much dark there, so I’ve tidied all that up now. I’m not going to touch him again, he’s done. Next, to finish the dragon skin texture.

Baku-Rider WIP 3 – Feather Details

I managed to get a bit more detailing on the wings done tonight (luckily Marta’s Dahligs tips in the Art Class in this month’s ImagineFX helped). I need a few more smaller feathers on there at the top, maybe darker, browner ones will help, and then I should be done with that. I still need to do more texturing on the dragon but apart from that I should be close to done.