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Experiment Gone Wrong – WIP 3

Haven’t had much time to post recently, work has taken over a bit, but I have managed to get a bit more of this done. I’m reworking it from my colour sketch, and took a few reference photos to work with. I’m having a bit of difficulty with trying to get the flask right. I think it might be the green glow that’s throwing me off, so I’m gonna drop it for now and rethink it.

I still need to work on the texture on the tentacles, and the moustache and hair, although I’m thinking of dropping both of them. I’ve taken this into Painter for now too, I haven’t worked with Painter for the past fewpics, so I thought I’d get back into it for this one, it’s always good to give your brain a bit of variety. I’m going to try and work on tentacles next. Not sure I’ll get this finished for the Lightwyrm competition deadline on the 20th, but I’ll try and get as much done as possible.

Experiment Gone Wrong WIP 2

Using my colour sketch as reference, I started working on a new canvas. I picked a green-purple colour scheme for the background, because I want to give a slightly disturbing dark magic feel to the pic, and I think these colours are just slightly off enough with each other to give the right mood. I’ve added in some smokey, wispy effects, and some particles with custom brushes where the flask will be. I also decided to add in some bookshelves in background to add a bit of depth and perspective for now. I’ll wait until I get everything else into the composition, before I decide whether to keep these or not.

Experiment Gone Wrong WIP 1- Lightwyrm contest

Decided to give the contest over on Lightwyrm.com a go. I’d been trying to think of an idea for a while and finally came up with this idea (I think I’m on a bit of a tentacle trip at the minute for some reason) These are my first few sketches, the contest finishes on March 20th, so haven’t got too long to work on this. I’ll see how I get on.