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Sketch Dump #15

Prince of Persia

Jack Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia.

I’m running short on blue pencil lead which is a shame, I’m going to have to resort back to grainy, normal lead soon if I don’t get round to getting a new supply!

Hayley Westenra

Hayley Westenra

Here’s a new sketch, haven’t had much of a chance to do as many recently.
Hayley Westenra, great voice, one of my Dad’s favourite singers. This one took a little longer than the rest, since I was trying to be a bit more delicate with her features.

I’m really liking using the blue lead for sketching with, I like the slightly waxy feel on the paper, plus on the practical side, it doesn’t seem to smudge as much as ordinary pencil.

Sketch Dump #3

More sketches this time, maybe I’ll get time to turn some of these into finished work some of these days.

Zombie Editor alert!

In the meantime, there’s another official challenge going on over on the IFX website. We have to create a zombie of portrait of the Editor, Claire Howlett, which will be used as her profile pic in their upcoming zombie special issue. This was too good a challenge to pass up.
So, since I’ve been playing around with Brushes on my iPhone I decided to have a play around to at least get it started and roughed out. I took a couple of reference pics of myself in the pose first, and some reference pics of Claire were supplied for the challenge, so this was my initial colour sketch from Brushes:

I took it as far as I felt I could go, just drawing on the small screen with my fat finger, I was having trouble trying to get the hand right. So off it went into Photoshop to do a bit more roughing out at the small canvas size. Then I sized it up to about 2500 pixels wide, and started to work on refining it more. Here is the step-by-step Wips:

I’m quite pleased at how quickly and how painless this was, although I’m still not sure I’ve got the hand right. I’m going to leave this for a few more days to see what I think after coming back to it. The deadline isn’t until the 22nd of August, so I have over a week to mull over it yet. Here are some details, with what I’m considering to be the final. Wish me luck!