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The Shimnavore

Can’t completely remember the story behind this, something to do with a monster to scare the kids with that has eyes in the back of it’s head so it could always see what you were doing behind it’s back (just like your mum used to say) A couple of my mates, Garry McElherron and John Farrelly, came up with the idea and John did a pencil sketch, it looked so good I said I’d love to have a go at painting it. This is how it turned out, it was great fun colouring somebody elses work, we used to do a amateur comic together years ago when we were at college, I’d inked some of John’s pencils before, but we’d never done a painting before. His website’s here [link]

This is the original sketch that John did…

There’s quite a difference in style in the sketch and the painting, it kind of looses some of the grittiness and dynamism of the John’s pencil lines, it might have been nice to be a little looser with the colour to keep that feeling there. Still really happy with it though, quite pleased with how the texturing and lighting on the skin turned out, and he was well chuffed with it lol.