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Conflicting Kingdoms Set 3

And the Conflict snowball rolls ever on gathering speed. My third set of cards for the TCG, Conflict. These four include a second Konk avatar Master Hexumi, another quite violent Konk ability called blinding, a Phoenix scout rising from a volcano, and a goblin avatar, Nuckle Sandrock the Goblin King.
The beta version of the first deck will be out soon, if you fancy being a beta tester, or if you want to have a go at a couple of the cards, go on over and sign up at the forums.
If you want to keep up on the game’s development, check out the Conflicting Kingdoms Facebook page

Experiment Gone Wrong – WIP 3

Haven’t had much time to post recently, work has taken over a bit, but I have managed to get a bit more of this done. I’m reworking it from my colour sketch, and took a few reference photos to work with. I’m having a bit of difficulty with trying to get the flask right. I think it might be the green glow that’s throwing me off, so I’m gonna drop it for now and rethink it.

I still need to work on the texture on the tentacles, and the moustache and hair, although I’m thinking of dropping both of them. I’ve taken this into Painter for now too, I haven’t worked with Painter for the past fewpics, so I thought I’d get back into it for this one, it’s always good to give your brain a bit of variety. I’m going to try and work on tentacles next. Not sure I’ll get this finished for the Lightwyrm competition deadline on the 20th, but I’ll try and get as much done as possible.

Experiment Gone Wrong WIP 1- Lightwyrm contest

Decided to give the contest over on Lightwyrm.com a go. I’d been trying to think of an idea for a while and finally came up with this idea (I think I’m on a bit of a tentacle trip at the minute for some reason) These are my first few sketches, the contest finishes on March 20th, so haven’t got too long to work on this. I’ll see how I get on.

Baku-Rider WIP 4 – Finished wings

I think that’s me finished with the wings now. Basically I painted two different feathers and copy-pasted them, scaled and skewed them around until I had a set of wings, I kept the rough wings I had done before as a background for them. Then painted over the top to break them up a bit here and there. I also tweaked the contrast and brightness to pull them down in levels a bit, and pulled a few of the tips up with a rough custom dodge brush. I think they’re working now, what do you reckon? I also did a bit of final work to his face one of his eyes was bothering me, it looked a bit off with the other one, and his face just looked generally messy around the eyes, there was too much dark there, so I’ve tidied all that up now. I’m not going to touch him again, he’s done. Next, to finish the dragon skin texture.

The Shimnavore

Can’t completely remember the story behind this, something to do with a monster to scare the kids with that has eyes in the back of it’s head so it could always see what you were doing behind it’s back (just like your mum used to say) A couple of my mates, Garry McElherron and John Farrelly, came up with the idea and John did a pencil sketch, it looked so good I said I’d love to have a go at painting it. This is how it turned out, it was great fun colouring somebody elses work, we used to do a amateur comic together years ago when we were at college, I’d inked some of John’s pencils before, but we’d never done a painting before. His website’s here [link]

This is the original sketch that John did…

There’s quite a difference in style in the sketch and the painting, it kind of looses some of the grittiness and dynamism of the John’s pencil lines, it might have been nice to be a little looser with the colour to keep that feeling there. Still really happy with it though, quite pleased with how the texturing and lighting on the skin turned out, and he was well chuffed with it lol.