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Sketch Dump #2

I’m not getting as much time as I’d like to get any finished drawings done these days, between one thing and another, but still I’m still managing to get a few sketches done here and there. Here’s a few randoms from my Moleskin.

Sketch dump #1

Bit of a random sketch dump this week, a couple of pics from my pub moleskin, and a couple of topical coloured pics where I was testing out various brushes, pens and paper and practicing my colouring in Photoshop. The Dredd pic was done with brush and Tikky pen on very thin paper which wrinkled quite a lot when I blocked ink with the brush, but I was able to save it in the scan. Fink is pretty much based on the classic Mike McMahon pic, thought it would be a great tryout for my Gpen on the bristol board. That’s all, really!

Vampires of Tonan concepts

Here are the current set of Vampire concepts for Table Warfare for the online browser game at Monarchy.com as per my previous posts. At some stage in the not too distant future, these will be used as reference for some miniature character sculpts, I’m pretty very excited to see that happen.

There’s a few tweaks to some of the costumes partly because I didn’t like some of the designs and partly because I don’t think they were done very well! Really like the way these have progressed and I’m pretty pleased with how they’re looking now.

Miniature Character Design – Male Lamia Vampire concept

Here’s another concept design for the Monarchy Game, done in the same style as the previous. I ended up redrawing his head and Photoshopping it over the original pencil drawing. Not sure yet how well this will work as a sculpt and mould but hopefully it should be okay.


Miniature Character Design – Female Lamia Vampire concept

I’ve been asked by Table Warfare to produce a few character designs, which will eventually be sculpted into miniatures for their game Monarchy. I produced a few rough thumbnail sketches for poses to run past Oliver. This is the  sketch for a female vampire which I produced using the Brushes app on the iPhone.
I wanted the finished art to be a pencil sketch so it could also be used for artwork for the website if necessary. Here’s the pencil sketch which was scanned and worked up in Photoshop with a bit of colour and a few textures thrown into the back ground. I’m going to try to keep this style for all the character designs. I’m really excited to see her in her sculpted form.

Painting a Minotaur: Part 3

Woohoo, at last, here’s the third and final part of the Minotaur painting. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, although I still think I’d have liked to work some more on his face. I also like how the background looks, it really helps to give it a lot of depth. I’ve spent approximately 7 hours on the whole thing. Here’s the final image, let me know what you think…

Painting a Minotaur: Part 2

Here’s part 2 of the Minotaur timelapse. I was hoping there would only be two parts, but I really got sucked into it. One good thing is that I’ll be able to see exactly how long I’ve spent on this from my screen recordings. I’m guessing Part 3 will be the last.

Painting a Minotaur: Part 1

I’ve been doing a few more rough sketches for Conflicting Kingdoms and I’ve been trying to settle on a few designs for minotaurs which will be included in some of the paintings. Some of the other artists have already done a lot of the minotaur cards, I always like to try to get a new creature design right before I start incorporating them into a full-blown illo. Then I decided to take one of them a bit further and paint him up, since I hadn’t done any painting for a wee while. I’m still working on it, but here’s Part 1 of the time-lapse. Keep an eye open for Part 2.

Embrace the Shadow – Part 1

I’ve been doing a lot of other stuff recently, and decided last week that I needed to have a bit of a doodle for myself to loosen up a bit. But, what to do.. what to do!

Well, one way I’ve found if you’re not sure what you want to do, you don’t want to get into anything too long-term or intense, and you like having a go at character design, is to have a go at silhouette doodling. It’s a great way to take the pressure off and relax if you have a bit of artists block too, and it can’t hurt having a bit more character work in your portfolio.

I’m constantly trying to stay off the computer as much as I can, since I spend all day looking at one in work. So I got myself a Sharpie, and to take the roundness off the tip and give a bit of a chisel edge, I sliced the tip off with a scalpel. It wasn’t the cleanest of cuts, but that was a good thing since it made me think differently about what way to hold it to get the shapes I needed. Then I grabbed my sketch pad and started doodling and didn’t stop til I had these 12 little beauties to work with. You can, of course, do this process digitally if you prefer. More on this tomorrow…

Click to enlarge

Part Two – Lighting the Shadows

Part Three – Colouring the Light

The Shimnavore

Can’t completely remember the story behind this, something to do with a monster to scare the kids with that has eyes in the back of it’s head so it could always see what you were doing behind it’s back (just like your mum used to say) A couple of my mates, Garry McElherron and John Farrelly, came up with the idea and John did a pencil sketch, it looked so good I said I’d love to have a go at painting it. This is how it turned out, it was great fun colouring somebody elses work, we used to do a amateur comic together years ago when we were at college, I’d inked some of John’s pencils before, but we’d never done a painting before. His website’s here [link]

This is the original sketch that John did…

There’s quite a difference in style in the sketch and the painting, it kind of looses some of the grittiness and dynamism of the John’s pencil lines, it might have been nice to be a little looser with the colour to keep that feeling there. Still really happy with it though, quite pleased with how the texturing and lighting on the skin turned out, and he was well chuffed with it lol.