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Miniature Character Design – Male Lamia Vampire concept

Here’s another concept design for the Monarchy Game, done in the same style as the previous. I ended up redrawing his head and Photoshopping it over the original pencil drawing. Not sure yet how well this will work as a sculpt and mould but hopefully it should be okay.


Miniature Character Design – Female Lamia Vampire concept

I’ve been asked by Table Warfare to produce a few character designs, which will eventually be sculpted into miniatures for their game Monarchy. I produced a few rough thumbnail sketches for poses to run past Oliver. This is the  sketch for a female vampire which I produced using the Brushes app on the iPhone.
I wanted the finished art to be a pencil sketch so it could also be used for artwork for the website if necessary. Here’s the pencil sketch which was scanned and worked up in Photoshop with a bit of colour and a few textures thrown into the back ground. I’m going to try to keep this style for all the character designs. I’m really excited to see her in her sculpted form.

Conflicting Kingdoms Set 4

I’ve had a bit of a technical disaster since my home iMac gave up the ghost on me a couple of weeks ago. I ‘have a man’ (you know who you are), who’s hopefully gonna give it a going over with some serious soldering work so fingers crossed that the surgery will work. In the meantime, I’ve had to take a technological step backwards by about 10 years and get my old G4 desktop working again. So far so good, although it’s slow as hell, but it’ll do for now. Good job I had all my artwork backed up to an external, so no worries there. The only thing art-related I might have lost are all my custom Photoshop brushes, but they may be backed up somewhere too, that’s next on my list to do.

For now though, I’ve finished these four more cards for the Conflict game. The guys at Conflicting Kingdoms have now asked me to work on a themed deck for the game. You may have noticed I’ve done a lot of ‘Konk’ related cards so far, so that will be the theme of the deck containing my artwork exclusively, so I’m pretty excited about that. I still have about 10 or so more cards to do for that before May, so here’s hoping the G4 holds out til then!

On another note, I’ve just started another blog up called I Luv Voxels where I will be keeping any Blender 3d work, for anyone who doesn’t want to wade through all the 2d stuff here. I’ll probably double post it here too though, just in case! **Edit 28/5/2013 All 3D content has now been moved to this blog, I Luv Voxels no longer exists.

Conflicting Kingdoms Set 1

In a bid to get some experience creating some professional game art, I have joined the team at Conflicting Kingdoms to help work on illustrations for their upcoming card game, Conflict. So far there are still a few hundred briefs still to do, but there are around 30-40 artists on the team, so hopefully they will all be finished soon and the game can go on sale. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished version of the game and playing it. In the meantime, I have so far completely finished 4 illustrations for the cards, a set of four abilities and conflicts associated with a race called the Konk. They are a secretive race of monkey-like people who live in the trees of the forest, with ninja-style abilities who hire themselves out as mercenaries to the highest bidder. To keep some kind of consistency in style, the cards are to be produced as coloured lineart, so here’s a quick walkthrough of how I have been creating the illustrations.

I first do a rough sketch on paper and scan it into Photoshop, then do a quick colour over the sketch and post it for approval. Once any changes have been made and the sketch has been approved, I take the sketch into Illustrator and work up the inks using a slightly customised brush tool. Then these inks are taken back to Photoshop and, on a new layer, the flat colours are created based on the colour sketch. On seperate laters, I create shadows, using a multiply layer and some suitable colours for each area of the sketch. You usually need to play around a little with this method, since it can be a little unpredictable how colours will mix using the overlay mode. Once the shadows are done, I add highlights using either an overlay layer or a soft or hard light layer, again this can be a little unpredictable, so a little experimentation is required. As a final touch, I lock the transparency of the inks layers and add a little colour to some areas of the lineart, just to pull the harshness of the black inks down a little, and it’s sometimes also useful for creating rimlight too.
The Conflicting Kingdoms site is still being worked on, but you can join their Facebook group to keep posted on the progress of the game. Here are the final artwork for my first four cards.