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The Shimnavore’s Daily Deviation

So today’s I’ve had a bit of excitement on my deviantArt account. Drop-asd suggested my Shimnavore pic for a Daily Deviation today which was duly picked. So I’ve spent the day watching the fav’s and pageviews just piling up. At the minute, views on the image are up to over 13,000 and the favs are up to 870!!! Unbelievable, it also brought a lot of traffic (nearly 300 hits, an alltime record) over to my wordpress blog today.
So this is a entry to say a big, BIG thanks to Drop-asd for the DD. And while I’ve got your attention I’m going to plug her group, Digiversity, a digital art group concentrating on events, challenges and collaboration rather than art collection. If you like contests, features, cooperative work and would like to actively take part in the digital art community, you are welcome on board! It’s a great group if you want to get more involved with other artists or writers on dA.
So once again, thanks for the DD!