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The Amazing Art of Akihito

The art of Akihito, a special effects and makeup artist, talks about the influences for his personal projects.

Kingspray Graffiti Simulator VR

Want to be a graffiti artist but don’t want to impose your art on people who don’t want it? Then this is for you!

Hardcore Henry – using Blender for VFX

HardCore Henry’ makes extensive use of Blender for their VFX. Creative VFX Director Yaroslav Kemnits has posted an in-depth article on about their process.

Source: Hardcore Henry – using Blender for VFX

Webb Awards – Animation Winners

The Webby Awards Animation winner has been announced. Awards for original cartoons, motion graphics, illustrations or digitally animated images premiered on the Internet. Individual episodes or entire series may be entered.

‘Cosmos Laundromat’ was a nominee in this category too.

Deckards Blaster – the original prop

Adam Savage finally gets to see the original Deckard Blaster from Bladerunner, and gets the chance to compare his own replica.

LARVA – New Friend

Larva is a great animated television series made by Tuba Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea. It’s slapstick comedy with a touch of toilet humour thrown in for good measure, about 2 larva and their insect friends trying to survive in a world full of insect-hating humans, a cruel mother nature and various other barriers along the way. They’ve so far created a staggering 102 episodes over the course of their 3 season run.

The Junctioneers

Two Graphics has recently completed this series of commercials with Evolution Marketing, for Junction One a local Retail Outlet Centre. The characters, known as the Junctioneers, have been used for posters, newspaper and TV, they’ve even had costumes made. We spent a few months developing character ideas along with Alastair McIlwaine, consisting of various shapes and sizes until the client was happy with these guys.
All the 3D work was completed in Blender, making extensive use of linked object, material, action and pose libraries. We didn’t want them to have spherical eyes so they became bit of a challenge. We tried playing with the lattice method for deforming the eyes, but that also deformed the irises which was unacceptable. In the end we ended up using curved planes with the eyes as textures only, then rigged up using the UV Warp modifier. It’s a little tricky to work with, but it works well once you get used to it.
Hopefully we’ll get to play around with these guys a bit more again soon, we’re getting quite fond of them. You can watch all their shenanigans over on Our Work page.