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#INKtober #INKtober2017

Ooops, nearly forgot it was that INKTOBER time of the year again already! Let’s see how this month goes, only made it to the 23rd last year, so let’s try for better.

Here’s the link to Jake Parker’s website if you want to check out the list.

First up, Swift::



Monarchy Fae comp

Here’s the final inks for the Fae race for the Monarchy game I did a while back and didn’t get around to posting. These were fun to do since they were bit different from the other designs. I came up with a kind of pin-up/female pirate look for these characters which seemed to work out nicely. I’m particularly happy with the Sylph and the Fae. I’ve included the colour versions too, can’t remember who coloured them, I always imagined the Sylph having blonde hair, but I particularly like how the Faerie came out, especially her wings.

Monarchy Fae comp colour

Ironically, this is No.23-Slow, since I’m 4 days behind now!!


#INKtober #INKtober2016

Is this cheating doing a 2 in 1!? Too late now, it’s done.


#INKtober #INKtober2016


#INKtober #INKtober2016

Don’t ask me how this would work, it just does. Think he might have a problem when he lands with those pram wheels though!



#INKtober #INKtober2016


#INKtober #INKtober2016

Quick sketch, still trying to catch up!


#INKtober #INKtober2016

Still a day behind. Big, wet dog nose!


#INKtober #INKtober2016

This is Merv the Head, relaxing on his surfboard!


#INKtober #INKtober2016