Sculpt January 2019 – Day 1 Deep Sea

So even though I’ve been laid up with a cold the past couple of days, (good start to the year!) it’s  #sculptjanuary19 , Do a digital or traditional sculpt every day in January based on the prompt calendar over at I probably won’t have time me to do every day, I’m going to try and get at least 3 per week done.

So here’s Day 1 – Deep Sea.

Software: Blender 2.79 & Photoshop

Live Session with Kim Jung Gi

Watch a live drawing session recorded for DC Comics Art Academy with Korean artist Kim Jung Gi. You can watch another interview with him here.

So the guys at Backspindle Games have finally got their hands on the 3d masters of the figures for the MourneQuest board game and I have to say the pic looks fantastic. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a hands on look over the holidays for a closer inspection. It’s been so exciting waiting to see the final versions of my sculpts, produced from John Farrelly’s artwork and sculpted in Blender. Roll on May-(ish) for the release.

Captain Disillusion: World’s Greatest Blenderer – YouTube

Open Bionics using Blender

Hot Kenobi, a photographer from Japan specialized in action figures, shows us the life of our favourite movie superheros outside of the screens.

Source: Comic book heroes versus beer cans –

So here’s the MourneQuest Kickstarter Campaign page, if you want to get over there quick and get your pledge in before they run out! Created and designed by Backspindle Games and based on Garry McElherron’s MourneQuest books, all the other info is on the Campaign page, and on Backspindle’s Facebook page. I worked on the artwork for the board, coloured up John Farrelly’s character designs and sculpted the collectible miniatures from his designs. It’s the first time I’ve sculpted minis for a game, so it was quite exciting being able to actually see them ‘in the flesh’ I’ve also painted a whole set of them, all 14. I will share them on here eventually, but the only place to keep up to date with it all is over the on the Campaign page for now.

Shadespire – Steelheart’s Champions

So I’ve finally got around to painting these guys, Steelheart’s Champions from the Shadespire Core set. I decided to paint them with what I hope is the Lions of Sigmar colours. They’re not perfect but quite pleased with how they turned out. Hoping to get a few games out of them next weekend at Lewiscon!


Space Marines

Here’s some more miniature painting practice. It’s been many years since I painted a GW Space Marine, so I thought they would be good to play around with. Nothing fancy, I just wanted to see if I could do a decent job on them. I don’t play, only paint, so I think they’re supposed to be Reivers, but I messed up their knee decals!

It’s Warhammer 40k’s 30th birthday this year, so here’s a some old Marines I found in a box from X number of years ago for comparison. Remember the old Womble marines? Such a big difference in detail!





Guild Ball – Mason’s Guild

This is my second set of minis painted, getting a bit more practice after years of not painting minis. This is the Mason’s Guild from the Kickoff set, the season 3 version of Steamforged Games’ Guild Ball. I slightly regret giving them white tops, I think they’ve been better with light blue, but they look okay. The detail on the models themselves is a little lost in places, presumably from the moulding process, but they’re still nice sculpts. I’m working on the second team at the moment, the Brewers Guild. I’ll post them up whenever I get them finished.

Masons Guild