#INKtober #INKtober2017

Ooops, nearly forgot it was that INKTOBER time of the year again already! Let’s see how this month goes, only made it to the 23rd last year, so let’s try for better.

Here’s the link to Jake Parker’s website if you want to check out the list.

First up, Swift::



Some more sculpting practice in Blender 2.78. I started this for the Sculpt January challenge, but unfortunately this is the only one I managed to get so far.  I’ll hopefully get a few more done throughout the next few weeks.

Monarchy Fae comp

Here’s the final inks for the Fae race for the Monarchy game I did a while back and didn’t get around to posting. These were fun to do since they were bit different from the other designs. I came up with a kind of pin-up/female pirate look for these characters which seemed to work out nicely. I’m particularly happy with the Sylph and the Fae. I’ve included the colour versions too, can’t remember who coloured them, I always imagined the Sylph having blonde hair, but I particularly like how the Faerie came out, especially her wings.

Monarchy Fae comp colour

Gunslingers: Digital sculpting and 3D printing

Clubber King pics

Being a child of the 70s and 80s I was a d&d roleplayer. Along with that went the love of all things miniature, mostly painting, I never really seemed to have the dexterity for sculpting.

In the past few years 3D printing has come a long way. Blender’s sculpting tools have also developed a lot in the last couple of years, so I thought it was about time to sit down and put all these elements together and try to produce something out of a couple of sketches I’d done a while back. Here are the results. Two gunslingers, printed by Shapeways, where I have a shop set up. The figures are around 35mm, slightly bigger than normal tabletops miniatures (that’s a 10p slotted in beside in them to show scale). They’re printed in HiDef Acrylite, which seems to be the best material Shapeways currently have for miniature printing, it prints at a 50 micron layer thickness in black, you can see the layers on the closeups. These cover up quite well once an undercoat is on. I’m very pleased with the way they’ve turned out, with not much cleanup, hopefully I’ll get around to painting them soon. There’s also a rendered turnaround of the sculpt below.





Ironically, this is No.23-Slow, since I’m 4 days behind now!!


#INKtober #INKtober2016

Is this cheating doing a 2 in 1!? Too late now, it’s done.


#INKtober #INKtober2016


#INKtober #INKtober2016

Don’t ask me how this would work, it just does. Think he might have a problem when he lands with those pram wheels though!



#INKtober #INKtober2016


#INKtober #INKtober2016

Quick sketch, still trying to catch up!


#INKtober #INKtober2016