About Me

I have over 25 years experience in Broadcast Animation and Motion Graphics industry in Northern Ireland. In recent years I have branched out into learning other skills including 2d & 3d animation,  3D modelling, digital sculpting & modelling for 3d print, character design, artwork for board games
Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I’ve been drawing since an early age inspired by comics, films and roleplaying games, and by my Dad. My parents walls were covered in my Dad’s oil and watercolour landscapes and portraits, I was always encouraged to draw. I spent most of my teenage years collecting 2000AD, and trying to copy people like Glenn Fabry, Bryan Talbot, Simon Bisley and Brian Bolland.
I try to sketch regularly these days, as well as concentrating on my day jobr. For my 2d illustration, I mostly work digitally on Photoshop, Painter or Artrage and a Wacom tablet, but still do a lot of my thumbnailing and sketching with pencil and paper. I love experimenting with all sorts of mediums and software. Blender is currently my favourite goto for my 3D work. I occasionally play around with other software like Krita, Sculptris, Alchemy or Pencil. I try to use open source software as much as possible.
Alan H Perry