The Shimnavore’s Daily Deviation

So today’s I’ve had a bit of excitement on my deviantArt account. Drop-asd suggested my Shimnavore pic for a Daily Deviation today which was duly picked. So I’ve spent the day watching the fav’s and pageviews just piling up. At the minute, views on the image are up to over 13,000 and the favs are […]

The Shimnavore

Can’t completely remember the story behind this, something to do with a monster to scare the kids with that has eyes in the back of it’s head so it could always see what you were doing behind it’s back (just like your mum used to say) A couple of my mates, Garry McElherron and John […]

Models & Sculpts

MOURNEQUEST MINIATURES – for Backspindle Games Here’s a gallery of the sculpts I created for Backspindle Games’ MourneQuest boardgame. I’ve included both the clay render of the sculpt and also the original 3d prints which I painted for the initial demo game. All sculpted in Blender 2.78. SaveSave

MourneQuest Book Cover

This is a digital painting I did a while back for Garry McElherron, based on one of his characters, Cob, from his MourneQuest book. As well as The Shimnavore, it was another collaboration with John Farrelly who originally did the pencil sketch, you can see over on John’s website. Garry has since released the book on Lulu, […]