Merv the Head – Final image

I think I’m pretty much finished with this now. A lot of colour tweaks and details painted since the last post, and added some appropriate tattoos onto Merv. I’ll do a little tutorial at some stage to show how I did this. I toyed with completely changing the background, but decided against moving away from […]

Merv the Head – WIP 4

So, my first attempt at colouring my greyscale was pretty dismal in my opinion. Using a range of masked colour mode layers to block in the colour, and then painting in some colour over the top to vary the colour range, this is what I came up with. I just don’t think the colours work […]

Merv the Head – WIP 3

So, I’ve done a lot from the last post, I decided to put Merv onto a rock on the beach at sunrise, seems he’s a bit of a beach bum, and he likes going down there in the morning and singing along with the waves (he can’t go there later when there’s people around cos […]

Merv the Head – WIP 2

A bit more work on Merv today, mainly on the banjo after checking out some reference pics online. I also tried a bit of detailing on the tentacles to get them looking the way I want them.

Merv the Head – WIP 1

I saw a crusty teenager and his girlfriend walking across the street a few weeks ago. He was tall, pale and lanky, and was plodding along wearing a very large, wooly rasta hat, with long dreads hanging down his back, and she was quite short. The image kind of stuck in my head and I […]

This is Merv the Head, relaxing on his surfboard!


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