Wrathborn Norndrassel

Wrathborn - Norndrassel

I’d previously posted some sketches I’d produced for the Wrathborn tabletop miniatures game.
Here are the final pieces. I started these off with pencil and paper then took them into Photoshop to give them some shading. The shading was done by rubbing a pencil on paper, scanning it in and creating a pattern from it. Then I just created a new pattern layer and used a layer mask to apply it where I needed it. I used two or three of these layers to build up the darkness. I think it worked out nicely and still left it with the natural look I wanted.
These designs have a dual purpose, firstly they’ll be used as artwork for the racial profiles in the rule book, and secondly as reference for sculptor Alessio at Wolfbane Art, to create the miniatures. Pop over and check out these and his other great sculpts.
I’m working on the next race at the moment so I’ll post them once I have a few more of them done.

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