Conflicting Kingdoms Comics – Hexumi Cover

I haven’t got around to posting anything for a while since Christmas then family affairs took over. But I’ve finally got around to getting a few bits and pieces done.
One of my best buys at Christmas were definitely the Reeves Art & Craft Workstation £35 from Amazon. It fits neatly over my Wacom on my desk and feels pretty sturdy.
I also bought myself a Deleter G-Pen and Ink from, along with some Deleter comic paper, but I’m not so keen on how the surface held up to erasing the pencils. It would probably be great to use with a blue pencil and inking over that, or with a light box, however I think I’m going to stick to thick cartridge paper for now, since it seems to be holding up well with the G-Pen. I’ve also been utilising my Pentel Brush Pen which I bought last year readily available in Eason or WHSmith. Once you get a bit of practice with it, it’s great for texturing and solid blacks. The particular version of Type 4 Deleter ink works great with the G-Pen and washes off it easily, but it doesn’t fill well.
This all relates to what I am currently working on. The guys at Conflicting Kingdoms are producing promotional comics to promote the card game, and since I had already worked on the Hexumi deck, I’ve now started to work on the first issue of the Hexumi comic. Time is at a bit of a premium with me at the moment though, so its going to be slow process, but once we get the script finalised it should get a bit faster. In the meantime, here are the pencil and inks for the cover, done with the G-Pen on the Deleter paper. I’ll hold off on showing the colours for now, we’ll leave that til the comics come out!

2 thoughts on “Conflicting Kingdoms Comics – Hexumi Cover

  1. Cherie Bryant (@wildhaggisis)

    hey alan long time no see. been wondering what you have been up to since i don’t see you on DA much anymore. good to see its going well 🙂 that conflicting kingdom thing defiantly looked like it pulled off in respects to building your portfolio up so that’s good to see.

    i have that workstation. mine was a bit more expensive but not by much as i picked mine up at the local art store. it was still reduced 😀 i find it very handy myself. i also have that pental brush pen which i use for my ink scribbles 🙂 defiantly good buys.

    1. Alan Perry

      Good to hear from you Cherie. Yeah, things have been a bit busy, any spare time I’ve got I’ve been trying to work on this comic, and I’ve also been working on a few miniature designs as a favour for someone else. Got a post about that which I’ll be posting in the next couple of days.
      I’m loving that workstation cos I didn’t really have anywhere to draw properly before, and it was just a good size to work with.
      Haven’t had a chance to look at your blog recently either, will have to take quick shifty in the next couple of days, see what you’ve been up to. Hope you’re still working on your watercolours.


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