Merv the Head – WIP 4

So, my first attempt at colouring my greyscale was pretty dismal in my opinion. Using a range of masked colour mode layers to block in the colour, and then painting in some colour over the top to vary the colour range, this is what I came up with.

I just don’t think the colours work well, maybe because there’s too much of a similar clash between the background sunrise and Merv’s skin tone. It’s such a different way of working, to me anyway, I’m actually finding it quite difficult to get my head round the best way to do it. I haven’t quite put my finger on why I’m having such a problem. Maybe just because I’m  normally so used to working the colour in as part of my overall composition preparation.

Anyway, I decided to start from scratch and go back to the greyscale, and try and get Merv’s colouring sorted out first, then work the background around him. It seems like a lot of work doing the greyscale first, almost like you’re doing the work twice, but once it’s all finished I’ll judge whether it felt worth it or not. I also checked out Henning Ludvigsen’s timelapse painting on Youtube to get some idea of how it’s done properly. On a positive note, I guess one advantage of using this method is that I still have my greyscale to go back to if I’m not happy with some of the colouring. This is where I’ve got to now.

I’m a lot happier with the direction this is going now, although obviously it still needs a lot more work. I need to pull the saturation up on the highlights on his skin, to emphasis the sunlight hitting him, and I think the colour in the sky needs to be pulled up more too. The tree also needs some work. He may get a couple of tattoos and some more shell-related jewellery too. Not sure about the shells at the front yet, but I’ll see what I can do with them after finding some reference material.

Any advice or comments at this stage will be GREATLY appreciated.

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