Merv the Head – Final image

I think I’m pretty much finished with this now. A lot of colour tweaks and details painted since the last post, and added some appropriate tattoos onto Merv. I’ll do a little tutorial at some stage to show how I did this. I toyed with completely changing the background, but decided against moving away from my original idea of Merv playing on the beach. Here’s a few details from the painting:

I had my doubts about the grayscale method at the start , and I’m still not sure I 100% like using this method, it feels quite laboured to me, almost like your painting the image twice. Having said that I’m relatively pleased with how the image turned out, obviously as usual there are plenty of things that could be better, one thing being the lighting, not sure I got a good sense of a sunrise in the scene. But as an experiment with Photoshop I think it worked. Here’s the final image. Any comments greatly received.

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